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Why Resibo?


It’s not difficult to answer this question – but the answer is complex. There are many reasons to choose Resibo, and they are all given us by you – our customers.


The foundation of Resibo was a simple need, but also passion. Thanks to that each new formula is like our child. We don’t let them out if we aren’t sure they’ll do well and meet our hopes. So we work on new products until we’re satisfied with results. Even before the new product undergoes tests, we test it on ourselves, checking if it works as expected, and how people of different age, different skin types, different needs react to it. And that’s when we can move on to the next reason…


That’s what we most often hear from you, the stories of your lives from the times “before Resibo”, and after you started using our cosmetics. You tell us how we changed your life, previously concentrated – like Ewelina’s – on searching for the right solution to your skin problems. Of course, each skin is different, but in most cases the promises we make on the packings of our cosmetics are completely fulfilled.


It’s an extremely important advantage. When Ewelina created Resibo, she made a point about the price, so that the cosmetics were affordable for every Polish women. It’s not easy, because ingredients we use aren’t cheap. Our cosmetics are extremely efficient (it’s enough in the packing to use every cosmetic regularly for a few weeks), which makes the value for money very encouraging. And it’s also a frequent reason we hear from you.


Unique – not because they’re rare – some of them are widely available, like a tomato extract or avocado oil. But unique in terms of their exceptional properties. For example Lyco-sol, a tomato extract, contains lycopene, of properties twice as strong as beta-carotene, so it also protects skin from negative influence of environment, delays the harmful effect of UV rays, improves flexibility and reduces wrinkles twice as effectively. And Aquaxtrem, a rhubarb root extract, activates natural processes of skin moisture, stimulates differentiation of keratinocytes, regulating exfoliation, and strengthens mechanisms as well as elements of epidermal barrier.


Even before Resibo was created, Ewelina had already knew that her cosmetics would be vegan and completely cruelty free. It’s an evidence of respect for animals and their house – natural environment, from which we obtain all these extraordinary ingredients. Our products are certified by PETA, the most widely known organization fighting for animal rights, and certified with Vegan, awarded by Vegan Society, an international association promoting veganism.

Sixth – Resibo is a true story Ewelina made her first cosmetic – Cleansing Oil – for herself. She gave it away to family and friends, and when they came back to her, offering to buy more, a business idea was born. A business she always wanted to have… but that’s a different story you can find HERE.