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What Is Designed For Everything It Is Actually For Nothing 

I wrote this article after being inspired by one of the internet users who posted on our fan page: “All great and beautiful and I would even order some, but when I see products suitable for ‘all skin types’, I say: no, thank you”.

Why do versatile products cause such aversion? Is it really true, that if there is something for everything then it is for nothing?

Why Resibo products are designed for all skin types?

Our products will work for the great majority of the population. I know it is hard to agree with this. For example, Anita uses only creams for capillaries skin, Magda only those hypoallergenic, Katie buys anti-acne cosmetics and Elly buys anti-aging skincare. We can find specialty products on the market for all skin types or skin ailments. Everyone will find something for themselves. We are all looking for a cure for something.

Our approach is a little bit different. In our team, there are people of different ages, with different types of skin and skin problems. The above-mentioned examples are from real people. When we created our products, we were looking for the cause of skin problems, together with technologists and cosmetologists. Often the cause is poor diet, medical history, unregulated hormone system. But just as often we simply use the wrong products.

Good first impression or good first illusion…

A very common case is the use of cosmetics containing alcohol by people with skin acne. Alcohol dries pimples, so initially we see an improvement, but after a short time, dry skin starts to defend itself by producing more sebum, which causes major problems. It’s a vicious cycle.

People with dry skin often have a choice of cosmetics with paraffin. As explained recently on the blog by Magda, paraffin is a petroleum component, which gives a good glide and smooth effect. In reality it clogs up the pores and hinders skin respiration and the absorption of active ingredients, making the skin even more over-dried.

Oily skin is another case, for this type there are cleansing gels, mousses and matting tonics. These products give a refreshing feel effect. But only for a while, because the skin, in revenge, will begin to hyper sebum.

In each case, it’s all about a good first impression.

Cleansing, Moisturising, Nutrition

Do you see a common theme here? We do. Adequate hydration, nutrition and skin cleansing are the basis for every skin type. At Resibo, we want to give you products that really work. After using the moisturiser you won’t feel that pulling sensation in your skin. Nourishing cream will soothe your skin and will give it a vitamin kick. Purification of the skin after using the cleansing oil will be great, but gentle, without irritation. Which type of skin doesn’t need all of that?

We can name one…for acne skin all of that is not enough. Every good beautician will probably tell you the same thing as I would, if you have acne, go to a doctor. They may assist with therapy treatments using acids. A dermatologist will tell you the same thing as me, do not use cosmetics with alcohol, only gentle care, without mechanical treatment. Depending on the type of ailments, they may prescribe creams with acids, appropriate antibiotics or an appropriate diet.

You can also say that for mature skin, moisturising is not enough, because here you must combat deep wrinkles. But seriously, did any of the creams you have previously used give you a smooth complexion and rejuvenation in two weeks? 

Source of beauty and health…

We already know that the health and beauty of skin depends on appropriate care. Therefore, our cosmetics are composed in a way that is good for most us. During the creation of formulas and product testing, we excluded filling ingredients (“clogging”), something that problematic skin owners fear. We use ingredients that are natural, nourish our skin, and are like healthy food for it.

A very famous example is the universal component, argan oil. It moisturises dry skin, reduces allergic reactions, rejuvenates mature skin and regulates oily skin. It even reduces inflammations in acne. There are so many more components with great benefits. Unless you are allergic to them, they will not do you any harm. In fact, you may be surprised when you notice the improvement. Take Anna’s story, she went to her favourite beautician after two weeks of using Resibo and the beautician immediately noticed the change! And for this we are proud.

That was our goal, to introduce people to real beauty products that actually work.

Ewelina Kwit-Betlej, brand owner