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Hi, I’m Ewelina. Let me tell you how I created Resibo cosmetics.

As a teenager, and later, as an adult, I had enormous problems with my skin. Really ENORMOUS. But hey, how many of us are lucky enough not to have any skin problems?

Too oily, too dry. Acne complexion, capillary skin. Different people, different problems. Because there aren’t two identical skins, just as there aren’t two identical people. Moreover, even if we don’t have any skin problems, we need to take care of it anyway. Why? Because it’s worth the effort. Just like that! Skin is the biggest organ of the body, and a protective shield from external factors. And it can quickly repay for the proper care. Help! Acne!

I suppose your presence here means that you want to take care of your skin as well as possible. Me too. But sometimes we do our best, but get no results, or even worse – despite our efforts, the condition of our skin declines. And that’s exactly what happened to me. Constantly oily skin, excessive sebum, shiny skin in most inconvenient situations, and acne! Can you imagine something worse for a teenage girl? So as a young girl I started searching for some help. Unfortunately, back in those times the only advise for oily skin was to cleanse it with products based on… alcohol!

The results of such a treatment, as you probably know, can be simply miserable. Instead of decreasing, sebum production increases to prevent skin from excessive dryness caused by alcohol. And it was the same, over and over again.

So I was still struggling to find a perfect cosmetic. Especially that, to my dismay, although I was no longer a teenager, my skin problems never came to an end. So now you probably understand it was my big complex and I just couldn’t give up. My natural experiments brought up in a home where wonderful properties of plants were respected, I didn’t give up and, as an adult, I turned to nature for a solution of my problems. And so I found numerous pieces of information about the Asian facial cleansing methods with oils. Nowadays they are getting more and more fashionable and I’m glad that Resibo also contributes to their growing popularity. But believe me, at that time it was almost completely unknown here and I was often asked:

“ Are you really going to cleanse your oily skin with oil? It will become even oilier!”

Such doubts occur here and there sometimes, but are fortunately more and more rare. I bought a bunch of oils, read a lot about their properties, I mixed, tested, and mixed again.

I needed 60 oils to make a perfectly cleansing mixture, but… it also caused dryness. Oh dear… But I have luck to people and I met a nice biotechnologist who spilled the secret that it is all about… correct proportions! And that’s why now I just smile when somebody claims that a cleansing oil of the same quality as Resibo Cleansing Oil can be made at home. I know it can’t be as good.

The life cosmetic discovery

And when I reached the perfect proportions, Christmas was coming. The oil worked miracles for my skin. I got rid of ALL my problems. Sebum production was balanced, and blackheads and other imperfections just disappeared. I decided to give it away – poured the mixture to small bottles, packed nicely (a nice packing was always an apple of my eye) and offered it to my friends and family. And it was unstoppable. Because as they ran out of the oil, they came back for more, they wanted to BUY some oil – and I didn’t have any! And then I had an epiphany. I always wanted to set up my own business. But I had never have any good idea of a business combining my hobbies and a job.

So the cleansing oil turned out to be a cosmetic discovery of my life!

Not only did it solve my problems, but also worked great for dry skin, sensitive skin, young skin, and mature skin – it was just a perfect skincare product! And the reason why I set up this business.

Irrevocable decision

Together with my husband I decided to use all our savings we wanted to spend on our own flat and start a business instead. I quitted my job and started to develop formulas of another natural skincare products. I knew they had to be safe, healthy, vegan, beautifully packed, and above all – EFFECTIVE! These were my ultimate goals. I shall never forget the moment when my husband Piotr was transferring money for the order of the first batch of products. He asked: “Honey, are we sure? If I click now, it will be irreversible”. And he clicked – and it was irreversible. Later on, to support our business, he also quitted his well-paid job. And if this wasn’t enough, two weeks later I found out I was pregnant…

And that’s how it all started – we spent all our savings and decided to live with my parents in law. I was pregnant. We were both unemployed. And our business was completely uncertain. I can’t express the stress and anxiety we felt then. But we were deeply convinced that the direction we chose was right and we believed that our hard work is the key to success, and healthy, natural cosmetics are something that can change the care routine of Poles (we didn’t even dare to dream about people worldwide). And our family and friends did so much for us then. It would be so much harder without them. Actually, they’re always with us, some of them even work with us!

You’re beautiful!

Today Resibo is a brand that I can be – and am – proud of. In spite of many difficulties, it didn’t take us long to achieve more than we ever dared to dream of. We develop year by year, together with my creative team I create cosmetics that turn out to be a cosmetic discovery of more and more customers. Their delight when they get rid of many-year skin problems, the enthusiastic ideas they share with us, suggestions, opinions, their eagerness to recommend us, are just priceless to me and give me a new impetus to undertake more ad more challenges. I’m incredibly grateful for that!

I hope that my story, which is also a story of my family, friends, more and more customers and generally people who chose natural skincare, has convinced you that your skin is worth caring, searching what’s best for it, sometimes experimenting to find the perfect cosmetic. Actually it’s a must, because your skin will soon repay for that. OK, now you know our story.

The last thing I can do is to encourage you to get to know our products. I’m sure you’ll find something right for you. Or maybe you don’t know yet what you’re looking for? No problem! Read opinions, visit our blog, talk to our expert and ask for samples.

Test, check, and never give up. Because when you find the perfect skincare product, you’ll look in a mirror every morning and say to yourself: “You’re beautiful!”

Ewelina Kwit-Betlej

Brand owner

Creative director