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The naming of the brand: why we chose “Resibo”

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions when we are talking about the beginning of the Resibo venture. We’ve been complimented for the name many times! Mainly because it’s an easy to remember, one-of-a-kind type name. It’s also pronounced in the same way as written! The only misspell has been “Resibio”, probably because of the natural profile of the brand.

Where does the name come from? What does it mean? How many copywriters were engaged in its creation? Find the answer in this entry.

Over two years ago our formulas were ready and we had almost undergone all the tests. We were ready to create the right packaging with gorgeous and alluring labels and we knew exactly who to ask for help. Our friend, a graphic designer with the talent and experience in designing packages was our go to guy. When we bombarded him with our ideas, he said he wouldn’t design anything until we decided on the name. He explained that the package design must be coherent with the logo. And the logo must be coherent with the name and everything that the brand shall mean…

We trusted his advice, and finally faced one of the most difficult parts of building the company. It was difficult because we wanted a timeless name, we wouldn’t want to change it!

We had our criteria: the name would be easy to remember, be pronounced and written in the same way, and it must be abstract! We wanted to avoid a name with the words ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or ‘bio’. Time was pressing. I remember a trip to Poznań (Poland) – Peter, my husband, was going there for business and I decided to accompany him to take the time to find the right name. Our disputes were endless, and we couldn’t reach an agreement for a long time. It took us about two weeks to find the name. Finally, an Internet dictionary helped. We started translating some selected words into different languages, to find the one that would meet our demands. When we translated “Kwit”, which is my maiden name and in Polish means “receipt”, “resibo”, was the word that immediately caught our attention. It is Philippine word for “receipt” actually. So… here we are. But if one day we decide to enter the Philippine market, we may have to consider changing of the brand name perhaps… 😉

Ewelina Kwit-Betlej, the brand owner