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The key to anti-aging care: moisturising 

Beautiful, supple skin is a skin well moisturised. Especially after winter, when we feel dehydrated the most. During the calendar year, there are two main periods of increased female visitation to cosmetic salons (it is still mainly women who seek improvements).

It is the above mentioned, post-winter time, when our skin is exhausted with the lack of sunlight, fresh, locally grown fruit and veggies, as well as tired of the heated, stuffy air while we remain cooped up inside.

The second-period being post-summer when we look for help after suffering from extensive sun exposure. We experience increased acne, skin dryness and unpleasant pulling sensation, and suddenly more visible wrinkles.

Still, not enough of us are aware that moisturising combats aging. But this is absolutely true! You all know the reasons for fine line formation. I have written about this in the article before as well. If we are aware that the main cause of that pesky aging is the decrease of collagen fiber and hyaluronic acid production, the primary substance that engages water cells in our skin, we see undoubtedly that moisture has everything to do with aging.

Ladies, remember that the oiliness of your skin doesn’t equal hydration. Sure, sebum supports the process by protecting the skin from water loss, but it does not hydrate the skin as such.

The prognosis is much worse for dry skin, which ages quite quickly without appropriate nourishment. So, it is crucial to use moisturising products and it makes for the best anti-wrinkle tactic. Moreover, you can even lessen already existing small creases with intensive moisturising care, especially if you act fast, straight after a skin-tough season.

Not all of the moisturising cosmetics, be it a cream, serum or a mask, will advertise as anti-aging. But every one of such products is just that. Resibo offers the ideal solution in the form of an ultra moisturising cream (contains argan oil, rhubarb root and Larch tree extracts, as well as hyaluronic acid), and also has a mineral UV filter SPF10. It provides sublime moisture and a shield against the loss of water through the top skin layer.

A lot is being said about drinking a certain amount of water throughout the day (some sources claim that you should gobble 1,5l daily, others propose a figure closer to 2l) and the fact that it is supposed to help with prolonging the youthful look of our skin. However, there are no studies that conclusively confirm this theory. Some scientists stress that human body contains 60-70% of water and thus consuming adequate amounts of liquids prevents premature cell aging. Others believe water intake has nothing to do with our complexion. The link has been made of water consumption colliding with a healthier lifestyle and better hygiene though, and that has a direct effect on the condition of the skin organ.

Regardless of the lack of a formal scientific conclusion on this matter, drinking water is the best form of hydrating your body, even if just through assisting with digestion and toxin elimination. Water is a direct source of health and consequently: youth.

Choose cosmetics that contain glycerin, lactic acid, ceramides and above all else: hyaluronic acids. And drink water! Cheers!