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The book that started everything

In our lives, there come certain people, events, songs or things that mark a turning point on our path. I happened to encounter this phenomenon too.

Almost five years ago, a book made its way into my hands, which was influential enough to finally convince me that owning a business was in fact for me.

It was in the middle of winter, when we went for a skiing break with a group of friends.

After a wonderfully successful day on the slope, I injured my knee on the following day, in a fall that essentially ended my skiing for the week.  Stuck in the resort, I should not need to explain how horrible it felt to miss out on further skiing adventures… Fortunately it was not within my positive nature to stay miserable and cry myself to sleep. As luck would have it (or destiny?), I packed a book that I really wanted to read- and finally, had my perfect opportunity. Was it a destiny? 🙂

I found myself a lovely sunbed on a front terrace and as soon as I could get comfortable with my leg in a cast, began reading “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss.

The title, in this case, says it all- the author explains how he created a business that does not require his constant control and input, and he retells the stories of people who followed his example.

I am not saying that this is my favourite book altogether, but Tim’s advice and stories moved me enough to understand that creating my own business is a good idea. After reading the book, I was determined to follow through with this plan and the business idea came to me naturally.

I will not sumerise all the good points from the book here- you can find it easily on the internet. Personally, this title has sentiment value to me, regardless of it not being a masterpiece of any sort. In practice, the main idea of the book- which is the four hour work week, is still very far away from my reach 😉 However, if you are looking for motivating tips, and inspiration while planning your own business (not all of them applicable in all countries), and you want to read stories of people who managed to achieve the 4hour work week- I highly recommend it 🙂

Ewelina Kwit-Betlej

Brand’s owner