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Resibo Cleansing Oil: my personal multi-cosmetic


Everyday application and alternative uses

Many people have reviewed Resibo Cleansing Oil, describing their impressions after application. So, I thought I would share my own thoughts with you! Of course, I can praise the product as is, but I thought I would talk about other ways to use it. In my bathroom, as well as in my beauty salon, this product has more than one function. It works perfectly in so many ways, inspiring more and more experiments. Its rich and diverse composition makes it a perfect choice in many beauty treatments. Here are five of my uses:

1. Makeup removing

This is the most obvious way of applying the oil, as it is a makeup removing oil!

2. Damaged hair oil

Hair oiling has been quite popular for some time now. Until now, I oiled my hair with coconut oil in the evening before washing it in the morning. It worked well, my hair was moisturised and soft. But Resibo Cleansing Oil has dethroned coconut oil, being that its formula is more user-friendly and the results are much better. My hair is hydrated beautifully over night without the pain of finding my head stuck to my pillow. Even my husband doesn’t mind sleeping next to my oiled hair because of the wonderful aroma.

3. Addition to face masks

In my beauty salon, but also at home, I regularly use natural clays for face masks. I am going to write repeatedly about their beneficial effects on the skin. But they do have one particular disadvantage – they are very difficult to remove. During a beauty course, the trainer shared with us a perfect idea, to add a drop of a creamy mask to the clay. Not only will it boost its action, but it makes removing the mask easier. Following that advice, I decided to add the Resibo oil instead of a creamy mask. And the result? Amazing! After this treatment, my skin becomes much smoother, and applying and removing the clay mask isn’t a problem anymore.

4. An oil instead of a night cream

This solution was offered to me by my cousin who has always suffered from skin problems, inflammations, and redness. When he told me he was using an oil, I teased him a bit: “Why? Having problems with makeup removal?” But of course, he doesn’t use it for makeup, he just applies a small amount on his face and his huge beard! After some time the inflammations disappeared, and also folliculitis (hair follicle inflammation) is now a thing of the past.

5. Body exfoliating base

There’s no better exfoliating than this one based on Resibo Cleansing Oil! Apart from the aroma, which I personally adore, its texture is simply perfect! It doesn’t leave greasy or sticky film, and you can mix it with anything you like – sugar, coffee, or ground fruit kernels.

As you can see, there are numerous ways of using the Oil, everything is just a matter of imagination. How about you? Have you got a creative use for Resibo Cleansing Oil? If so, please share your ideas with us!