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More is not better

I’ve been planning to make this entry for a long time… actually it’s been years since I started thinking about it, but one of yesterday‘s comments at Resibo’s fan page finally encouraged me to do it. One of our fans, Anne, commented on an article at about the Resibo Ultra Moisturising Face Cream. She wrote, “It’s so hard to believe that a drop is enough, because I have never stinted on a cream.”

So here is the topic… is a drop enough or not?

When I ponder on such dilemmas as Anne’s, I remember myself from a couple of years ago, standing in front of my washing machine with a measure of washing powder in my hand… I added some more, because it wasn’t enough for soooo many dirty clothes. It was the same with fabric conditioner and everything I used for washing, cleaning and so on. But then I read an article about how we Poles use more detergents than recommended by manufacturers. Generally – we use too much. ‘Is that so wrong?’ you may ask. Let me answer with a question – do you think that if you use more washing powder then recommended, will the water flush it out, in order to let us avoid irritations with detergents?

I must admit that article changed my life! OK, not my whole life, but my approach to it. Actually it helped with frugality, so actually some ways it has changed my life.

I started to consider how much body lotion I was applying. My skin is dry, so I always thought that if I use some more, my skin will be better moisturised. And I was sure that the feeling of “wetness” I had even after putting on my clothes, was a natural and desired thing. I thought the moisturising substances in the lotion would have longer to absorb so surely my skin condition would be better… But after that article I tried to use as much as I needed to cover my body with a really thin layer. And my skin is just as moisturised without the “wetness”. Actually the extra amount of lotion I applied moisturised my clothes, not my body! Fortunately, I always use very good, proven body lotions, so I managed to avoid greasy stains on my clothes!

The next level of expertise was achieved with Resibo

Before I started using these products, I didn’t stint on creams – just like Anne – because of the very same reasons as with the body lotion. Well, after the experiment with the body lotion, I used less face cream than before, but it was still a considerable portion and it took some time to absorb in my skin, and before applying my makeup I had to remove the excess cream with a tissue. Even when I started using the Resibo products, I did the same, wondering how it was possible that the Ultra Moisturising Cream was flaking on my face. And when I told Ewelina about it, I understood my problem. I couldn’t believe that “a drop smaller than a lentil seed”, as  she explained, is really enough for the whole face.   How can it be? I wondered. But I listened to her advice. A drop really is enough to cover the whole face. I also use the Resibo Eye Cream so a drop is even enough to cover my neck. My skin is moisturised, not too tight, and I am seeing a continuous improvement of its condition. And I can apply my makeup almost immediately!

The only cosmetic I “overdose” on, is my hand cream. But it’s only because I use it after I wash my hands. So guys, more is not better. Don’t be afraid to cut down on the amount of cosmetics, washing powders, shower gels, washing-up liquids and so on. It’s not only wise and economic – it’s also more ecological.