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Let’s talk about care during pregnancy, also in cosmetic salons!

In emails, you often ask whether our cosmetics can be used in pregnancy. My answer is yes! Our products are safe for pregnant women and above all for the baby. Natural mixtures are well protected against the development of microbes, mould and mildew with delicate preservatives, approved by ECOCERT for use in natural cosmetic products. Simultaneously, these ingredients are used in the food industry (although this comparative is not as reliable as ECOCERT, considering what manufacturers want us to put on our plates).

I greatly recommend paying attention to what we apply on our skin. Most of you likely know how much attention we put into our products, after all the content is the most important. Quality and health come first for us! Resibo is safe for current and future mothers. However, keep in mind that pregnancy can be a time of storm for hormones, and consequently our skin may behave differently than usual. New surprises may appear on the skin, perhaps it will become more sensitive than usual, it may react more strongly to the components that it was previously indifferent to it, or it may be completely seamless. These things might appear in different stages of pregnancy.

Just keep monitoring the changes, observe your skin, what it likes and dislikes in any given period. Listen to your body!

Going into Resibo specifics, I recommend a delicate care regime. For make-up removing and cleansing in the evening, select the oil that is very effective, but at the same time does not cause irritation. For every day care choose the nourishing cream. Micellar water works well for the skin refreshment in the morning and during the day. Remember also to take care of your skin around the eyes.

What’s very important during pregnancy is sunscreen!

Discolouration of the skin during pregnancy appears very quickly and what’s worst, it doesn’t necessarily disappear after delivery. Therefore, I recommend our daily use Ultra Moisturising Cream with SPF10. It’s not for sun baking but it is perfect as a base for make-up or for daily routines. Use it for work, shopping, walking in the park, etc. When planning holidays associated with a longer exposure to sun, then you need to obtain a cream with a higher filter (depending on the needs of SPF 15-50). Be wary of these cosmetics while pregnant. In my opinion you should only use those with healthy, natural ingredients and a mineral filter, not chemical. Keep in mind that such filters have their limitations – the higher the filter, the more difficult it will be for your skin to absorb, meaning that it can leave a white glow or oily coating on the skin. Hopefully it is unlikely that the very high filters will be needed, as pregnant woman should avoid overheating or exposing their bellies to the sun.

The most interesting question we received was whether the cleansing oil is safe for use in pregnancy given the content of vitamin A?

Cleansing oil is safe for pregnant women. We do not add vitamin A or a derivative of this vitamin. Avocado oils composition has vitamin A in it, but not enough that it could be harmful. Just as we do not have to avoid eating avocados and carrots during pregnancy, there is no need to give up using cleansing oil!

Lots of health to all mums and babies!