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If you think big – you create big things

Now that you know what Resibo is, how it was established, and what I have to do with it, it’s time to share more about the history of Resibo in Europe. And there is a lot to share!

Ewelina started out by created the amazing oil facial cleanser, which comes with a microfibre cloth to turn face cleansing into a spa ritual. This wonderful product inspired Ewelina and Piotr, my brother. With a “think big” attitude and Ewelina’s dream to own her own business, they decided to start their own cosmetic company. They agreed that to be noticed in the market, they would have to do something big.

They decided to invest into the project, and Ewelina gave up work in order to start up the business and develop an entire line of natural face products. Ewelina spent time creating and testing, then teamed up with experienced engineers to develop the packaging designs to ensure the products stood out amongst other cosmetics available in the market. They were soon producing the cosmetics and in December 2014, launched an online store for Resibo.

My brother, Piotr, tells the story at family events that their picture of success was to sell out the first batch of products within two years. Their dreams were fulfilled much earlier, because some items from their range of 6 products sold out after only a few months of business in Poland! What’s more, the reputation of Resibo was spreading to Polish women living abroad, and in turn women all over the world were hearing about the great products.

The company itself was growing at a rapid pace, steadily increasing employment and developing new cosmetics. In 2015, Ewelina received the prestigious Lioness Business 2015 award and the local business award for Newcomer of the Year. A year later, Resibo cosmetics were awarded the Gold Emblem in the Quality International 2016, in which awarded companies are particularly conscious about quality at every stage of production. Resibo cosmetics are also completely cruelty free, and are therefore awarded a certificate of quality from Viva! This certification is awarded to products suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

It is the quality and high efficiency of Resibo products that contribute to the growing popularity and brand recognition. We talk to many delighted customers, see positive reviews on blogs, vlogs and in media (even among celebrities!), and receive plenty of flattering comments in emails and on social media. We are delighted to see Resibo trending in Poland and Europe, because it shows that even in such a short time you can succeed if you think big!

Ewelina probably would say at this stage that the success she has always sought is yet to be achieved, but knowing the amazing Resibo product range and their wide availability in Europe, I think that what they have achieved so far is excellent. It proves that if you think big, you can create big things!

I’m now in Australia and compared to Poland and Europe, the offer of natural cosmetics is really small. And as I’ve written before, my friends in Australia have fallen in love with Resibo after I shared it with them, and they now look forward to regular deliveries. Well, this has resulted in Resibo Australia, so watch this space!

Magda Betlej


Check the opinions of our happy customers from Poland:



You are phenomenal! You have earned another fan! Your cosmetics are fantastic, but most importantly – work! A long time looking for a cosmetic, which would satisfy my fussy skin – chose Resibo. Congratulations!


Karolina Kolodziej

I recommend the brand wholeheartedly! I ordered the whole set, and I’m impressed. Skin is really in better shape, smells wonderful and packaging is beautiful.



Every evening, when I put the serum and every morning watching the results of its actions, I THINK ABOUT YOU WARMLY.


Joanna Kozieł

I fell in love with Resibo  from the first use, first serum, then cleansing oil, used together meant that I have skin as smooth as never before, therefore I promise that these products and brand I will promote to all wide and loud!