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How to arrange steps of effective skincare ritual?

What is effective skincare? What are its steps? What cosmetics should you choose? What is important and what doesn’t matter? Today I’m going to ty to answer all these questions, and many more.

Step 1.

Cleansing Clean skin is healthy skin so cleansing definitely is a must!

The greatest fault of a woman, but also a man, is lack of skin cleansing process in the evening. Or inadequate cleansing. Lack of make-up isn’t an exemption from this – and I’m serious about it – obligation. Why? Remember that your skin is exposed to absorption of impurities from its surroundings, so even if you don’t do make-up, your skin pores gather sebum, dusts, and… unwanted and harmful waste products, partly excreted through skin. A sad effect of inadequate skin cleansing are clogged pores, long-lasting imperfections, premature aging, occurrence of new wrinkles, loss of firmness and flexibility, unhealthy grey color, loss of natural glow. Korean women figured it out long time ago and now women worldwide learn from them that the most effective cleansing ritual should be a multiple-step ritual. In Resibo we encourage you to minimum two steps.

What cosmetics shall I use? 1. Cleansing oil – dissolves sebum and all impurities, – removes even waterproof make-up – leaves your skin soft and moisturized 2. Natural face washing gel – gently but effectively removes remaining impurities or cleanses areas you unintentionally avoid when using the oil – like your hairline – leaves your skin moisturized without the feeling of tightening After such preparations, your skin is ready for…

Step 2.


A toner is a very important part of skincare. Even the gentlest and natural washing cosmetics increase the pH of skin. Then its natural hydro-lipid layer can be damaged. Moreover, it is more difficult for more mature skin to regenerate after each treatment. The visible results of higher pH of skin are: acne, seborrhoea, discolouration, wrinkles… and the everyday treatment is cleansing and moisturizing. That’s why toning is so important. Additionally a toner supports cleansing, enhances permeation of active ingredients from other cosmetics, perfectly firms and hydrates skin. What toner shall I choose? Moisturizing essence. Toner – tones, restores natural pH – thanks to rose water helps to reduce broken blood vessels – orange water has cleaning properties and is an anti-oxidant

Step 3.

A serum

The key fact is that a serum is not only an optional, extra step of skincare. It should become a fixed and regular part of everyday skincare routine. You can use it every day, but it’s not necessary. A well-composed and properly selected serum will deal with most difficult problems of your skin, even if applied once in a couple of days. The difference between a serum and a cream is that a serum contains a considerable dose of strongly concentrated active ingredients, which may be even 70% of the whole composition. Depending on its purpose, its ingredients have various functions, but the usual goals are firming, intensive regeneration, or smoothing. There are a few important things you need to know about serum activity. First of all, unlike a cream, a serum works not only in epidermis, but in dermis too, so its concentrated ingredients reach deeper. Secondly, a well-composed serum is a trouble-shooter for problems that can’t be solved with other cosmetics (wrinkles, acne, discoloration and so on). Thirdly, using it once in a couple of days is fine, so even a high price of serum isn’t so tough to swallow, as serum is an efficient product. Please note – you can’t replace a cream with a serum, so apply your cream after your serum.

Step 4.

Eye cream

Skin in the eye area is very thin. Actually, your skin under eyes is only 0.5mm thick. There’s not much subcutaneous tissue, and it’s loose and located close to skin surface. Also, lack of sebaceous glands means there is practically no hydro-lipid barrier. These circumstances plus improper care create good conditions for early wrinkles. They’re not only the – somewhat charming – expression wrinkles, but also gravitational wrinkles, compression wrinkles, or these caused by aging process. Improper care is very harmful to eye skin. A mismatched eye cream or, what’s more terrifying, not using it at all, remains of make-up left overnight, frequent sun exposure – all these deepen existing wrinkles and naturally contributes to further skin aging. By the way, let’s dispel the myth that a skin treated with an eye cream from young age will get used to it and demand “something more” later on. No way. Skin will get used to comfort provided by applying an eye cream. And that’s good, because a well-chosen eye cream is an indispensable cosmetic on every woman’s shelf. What eye cream shall I choose? Eye cream – intensively moisturizes, regenerates and fills the wrinkles – enhances blood microcirculation, efficiently reduces eye puffs and dark circles – provides proper moisturize of skin in the eye area

Step 5.

Face cream

From what I know, it’s the most often used product. Unfortunately, very often it’s the only face care cosmetic. Obviously, cream is important – but unless you prepare your skin for a cream, it can’t really fulfill its functions. So please remember about cleaning and toning your skin. It’s an absolute principle if you want the cream ingredients to be really efficient. Also, the crucial thing is to match the cream to skin type and its needs.

What face cream shall I choose?

Primarily, you need to understand needs of your skin. There are three creams to choose, each of them meets a lot of needs and has additional features as well. Your Light moisturizer (DAY) – intensively moisturizes, efficiently regenerates – soothes irritations – efficiently supports care of capillary skin Urban Environment Protection Cream (DAY) – intensively moisturizes and absorbs quickly, for a satin finish – creates an invisible protective mask – protects skin from so-called urban stress (caused by smog, screen light, infrared light) Nourishing cream (DAY, NIGHT) – deeply nourishes and moisturizes – has anti-aging properties – prevents wrinkles – firms and smooths – perfect night cream for every type of skin, and a great day cream for dry and dehydrated skin.

Step 6.

Special treatment

Finally, time for home spa. Apart from beauty salon treatment that should take place once a month, exfoliation and deep nourishment of your skin is also indispensable, and then scrubs and masks for domestic usage come to the aid. Let’s start with an exfoliating mask. Regular exfoliating of dead epidermis should become a once-in-a-week ritual. The skin will become healthier, firmer, and full of natural glow. It will regain the right color and will benefit from the power of active substances from creams or serums, as they will absorb deeper into skin, to work more efficiently. As for beauty masks, they inject your skin withactive ingredients, because – like in case of serums – their composition is much richer than creams’. Beauty masks – moisturizing, nourishing or lifting ones – can be use without any limits, so this additional chance of supporting your skin is really worth using. Unfortunately, they are quite neglected, which is a shame, because masks for skins are as beneficial as well-chosen supplements for a body.

What to choose?

1. Multifunctional face exfoliating mask – combines features of enzymatic and mechanical scrub – gently removes dead epidermis – moisturizes, nourishes and smooths skin – smooths wrinkles – can be spread like a mask or gently rubbed into skin

2. Instant Beauty Mask – instantly firms and fills for a long lasting effect – visibly reduces wrinkles – has strong anti-aging and regenerating properties – skin instantly regains healthy color and glow, looks illuminated and considerably younger


Remember that a well-chosen, natural skincare is a foundation of healthy skin and beautiful look. Don’t forget about proper diet and physical activity. Not only your skin, but also your whole body will be grateful. But that’s something for a separate entry.