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Case study: Allergy

My girlfriends suggested I should write an article about allergies, as this topic is often discussed by our blog readers and users of Resibo cosmetics. I used to be allergic to all sorts of things most of my life. However, for a couple of years now I don’t suffer from any allergy symptoms anymore, despite never trying to get rid of them consciously.

I must clearly state that I am not a doctor, and this entry is not medical advice. Also, it is not a scientific elaborate; nor is it a recipe for getting rid of allergy. It’s just my story- potential inspiration. Due to the human body being such a mysterious, complex system, what works for one person doesn`t necessarily have to work for another. Consequently, let’s call this piece “The Case of Coincidence” as chance has played a significant role here.

Allergy might present in many ways; in a nutshell it is a strong and unwarranted immunological reaction to factors that should be neutral to us. In my childhood I associated this term with not being able to own a cat or a dog, and as through a haze, I recall those visits to the doctors, with annoying and not very aesthetic skin problems.

Which six-year-old would actually care about some blisters on her hands or rough patches of skin on her shoulders?

In addition, no adult wanted to believe me that I have itchy tongue after eating an apple, nuts or a carrot.  Today I know this to be the outcome of having cross-reactivity. However, this condition is not as dangerous as to require medical intervention.

In my teenage years, I ended up having hay fever added to the list of my symptoms, and was usually just treating it with some anti-histamine drugs. When I moved to a big city symptoms decreased, so it didn’t bother me anymore. From time to time cold sores appeared on my face, but would vanish before I managed to book a visit to a dermatologist.

Allergy test would only indicate reactivity to a few different kinds of pollen. I could live with that, and was just living a typical student life; ignoring all the little, insignificant symptoms. I wasn’t doing it deliberately; I just wasn’t aware that my body was sending me warning signals, yet. Until one day, when I wasn’t able to get out of bed anymore, as I had absolutely unbearable joint pain appearing randomly in different parts of my body. And so I started the marathon through all possible doctors,

endured lots of waiting and stressful months, until five years ago, when I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune Connective Tissue Disease.

According to the allopathic medicine source, much about this illness is still unknown, while holistic medicine points to many different reasons for it-  from an excess of toxins in the body, bad diet and stress, to genes. When I finally got my prescription drug, I got an atrocious allergy reaction – 40°c fever and a severe rash all over my body. I have since read hundreds of books and articles, from proper scientific research to shamanic ritual descriptions.

When I had a look at side effects of the drugs recommended by rheumatologists, I was rather discouraged; especially that their effectiveness guaranteed only 50-60% success rate, even in official statistics.

And that was the very first moment in my life, when I decided to take full responsibility for my health. I decided to take drastic steps (at least in my opinion) to change my situation for the better. I was determined; I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life as a physically disabled person. And the further I was going onto this journey, the more adventurous it was becoming –

most of the changes I implemented developed to be part of my new lifestyle, and for those I am forever grateful.

My frame of mind got so much better, the majority of the symptoms significantly calmed down, and the allergy was entirely extinguished. I am not quite sure which lifestyle change achieved it – maybe all of them or none, or was it only a matter of coincidence? I don’t think about it much, and I don’t dwell on why this illness happened to me. I am happy with my life, I try to listen to my body and take good care of it.

And here are the steps which I believe helped me come back to a healthy state:

  1. I got rid of all the chemicals in my house – I packed all the cosmetics (had quite a few of them and most I haven’t even used once), washing powders, floor washing detergents. What I could, I gave away to those in need and the rest was thrown Gradually, all makeup items got replaced with ecological stuff. I ordered borax (sodium borate) and bicarb soda which I use for cleaning till today. Hair shampoo and dishwashing liquid I buy in ecological shops and I use coconut oil for my skin.
  2. I started to eat healthily – I tried many different diets, choosing the ones that agreed with me the most- and the first step was to eliminate the meat. Being vegetarian is something that I have stuck with.

Periodically I was eliminating dairy and gluten out of my diet. I eat eggs and butter now, however there was a time when I was a strict vegan. But the best move was quitting all the junk food – fast food, sweets, white bread – and increasing the intake of fresh veggies.

  1. Supplements – I see a huge difference in the way I feel when I use supplements. I take vitamins B, D3 with K2, and C as well as magnesium in the form of oil. I clean toxins out with the help of chlorella and spirulina. I support myself with natural herbs like nettle and spices like curcumin or ginger.
  2. Moving and breathing – I never was a very active, sporty person so in this case I do still happen to have periods of increased laziness. But when I don’t have the time or just simply don’t feel like being vigorously active, I try to at least walk around more and breath consciously.
  3. Positive outlook on life – it’s not easy to be optimistic in the country where, when asked “How are you?”, people tend to name all of their life failures and complaints. Regardless, it is worth to practice gratefulness and mindfulness, because the state of our mind is simply mirrored in the state of our health. It’s rather hard to avoid all of the stress, therefore it is important to know how to neutralise it fast. Some people are going to achieve it by meditation, others by singing, running or coloring It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it works for you.
  4. Contact with nature, our vitamin “N” intake – I know, it’s a bit tricky when you are allergic to pollen, especially during spring time, to venture outside. But living in a big city, I can see how important it is to stay in touch with nature. Walk bare foot on grass, stare at the stars, fill your eyes with greenness; sometimes even having pot plants in proximity, is enough – all of those things have a very positive influence on regulating your body!