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Avoid oil? No way!

Today I am going to talk about oil… again! It’s not my usual area of expertise but I want to tell you how I fell in love with Resibo Cleansing Oil. Yes, the oil that started the Resibo brand.

I am the owner of skin with visible capillaries. If you are too, then you know that its better than sensitive skin (as you can always cover it with tones of foundation) but also how problematic life is because of it. Sun? Avoid! Winter temperatures changes? Tragedy! Sauna? Don’t even think about stepping in! Alcohol? Better not! I could carry on with many more examples of no no’s. I think I have tried every possible cosmetic on the market designed for capillary prone skin. After many failures, I have finally found the right one for me.

It’s not always love at first sight…

I had a lot of success with the face cream but I still couldn’t find anything for removing make-up. So I tried the micellar water. I found our Resibo micellar water to be just fantastic! But when it came to trying the oil, I wasn’t so sure. I tried it but it just didn’t feel right. It was like the temperature of my face was constantly increasing! I thought to myself “Oh well, avoid the oil, micellar water is the way to go.” I then called Ewelina and I told her “All of the cosmetics are brilliant, but the oil is just not for me.” She accepted it calmly and said that perhaps my kind of skin might need something different.

Falling for the oil…

Somethings happen for a reason. I ran out of my micellar water and didn’t have a chance to buy more at the time. I was forced to use the oil again. It was a totally different experience! As Magda our cosmetic expert mentioned in one of the entries before – if one of the cosmetics don’t work for you at first, try putting it away for a while and come back to it later. I did come back to it and it is brilliant. I realised that I wasn’t applying this genius product properly. Instead of placing a warm, wet cloth on my face while removing make-up gently, I was wiping it roughly as if it was a dirty floor surface.

I learnt two lessons from this experience: that it’s worth jumping into the same cosmetic river twice and that my face is not a floor! After removing my make-up with the cleansing oil (the right way), I can’t help but touch my face, it’s sensational! The results have been priceless!!