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Anti-aging skin care – what does it mean and when should you start using it?

We know a lot about looking after our skin- how to cleanse it, and why it’s so important; when to moisturise and when to nourish. Those matters will always be discussed every now and again.

The real trick is to know, when to enrich your daily skincare ritual with anti-aging products. What does ‘anti-aging’ even mean?

It is crucial to fully understand the answer to this question, as it allows you to have realistic expectations towards such skin care products, and not be disappointed.

Some believe that our skin begins aging slowly, from birth onwards. It’s not necessarily true. During the years of our youth, new cells are being produced so rapidly, that any talk of aging is out of the question. In order to stay supple and moist, our skin easily creates optimal amounts of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Around the time, we reach the age of twenty, twenty-five, the synthesis of those precious fibers and hyaluronic acid begins to decline systematically.

In certain cases, this process can begin even in teenage years. Some causes of premature aging include unhygienic lifestyle, use of the solariums, extensive sun exposure, smoking cigarettes or binge drinking (genetic factors also play a significant role).

Hence, your twenties are a good time to start thinking of anti-aging prevention.

How do you do that? You certainly don’t have to look for the word ‘anti-aging’ on every product, because the truth is that every moisturising and nourishing serum, cream or mask IS simultaneously anti-wrinkle. Why? Because the role of such formulas is to provide the skin with the substances that become increasingly scarce in its composition, as the years go by; and also, to stimulate new cellular activity.  Another noted benefit is the provided protection and support for the function of the outer hydrolipid layer of the skin, which limits the loss of moisture and possible penetration of microorganisms.

The typical slogans such as „20+”, „30+” „50+” are just a marketing strategy.

There might be a noticeable difference between the skin appearance of a twenty-year-old and a fifty-year-old, however the needs of the skin organ and what can be achieved through skincare, is often very similar, regardless of our age. Of course, this does not apply to problematic skin types or individual cases of dermatoses, as those situations require special treatment.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years old, and wondering whether the nourishing Resibo cream is adequate for you, the answer is: yes! All you have to do, is give it a try.