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About Resibo

This story begins in a small town in central Europe, where I come from and where my family still lives. Into this family appeared Ewelina, my brother’s wife, with a head full of ideas and a dream to create cosmetics that work. When visiting, I was one of the first testers of Cleansing Oil. Ewelina created it for herself after having problems finding cosmetics that worked with her complexion. Bringing from home a passion for nature and faith in the great power of plants Ewelina developed her interest in natural oil-based care. Thus, Resibo was created – the now famous Cleansing Oil found in many places around the globe.

Since then, women all over the world have fallen in love with Resibo – including myself. I decided to launch the cosmetics to Australia and today I am the sole distributor of Resibo here. If you want to know more, please visit our blog at

Magdalena Betlej – Sole Distributor