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5 Steps To Go Green

Do you want to be a part of the popular Eco Friendly movement, but don’t know where to start? It’s very simple. At the beginning, I had no idea either, it just happened! Let me tell you how. Maybe you are unknowingly becoming green too? Because it was completely evolutionary for me.

Step one

Look at your everyday life. Do you turn off the tap while washing your teeth? Or do you just let the water flow? Do you segregate waste? Do you crush bottles and cans before you dispose of them? When preparing a takeaway lunch for your kid or for yourself, do you use lunch boxes or a new plastic bag every time that will be disposed of instantly?

Remember – a few small changes in your everyday activities is something meaningful, and a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Step two

After the first step of consciousness, it’s time to take another. Ecology means saving, too. Take a closer look at your wardrobe. How many clothes are there and do you really wear them all? If not, maybe it’s time to donate them to those in need? Now go through everything. Do you really need the five old cell phones that you don’t even use anymore? Sell them in a commission shop. Maybe somebody will buy them. And so on…

Step three

A very important part of my green life is the food. Healthy, fresh, rich in vitamins and microelements and as little processed as possible. The readers of our blog know that the green way is to purchase free-range eggs and stay away from meat in supermarkets. They also know that reading labels is important and well worth the effort, in order not to stuff themselves with unwanted chemicals. We are so fortunate to be able to access inexpensive healthy food! Don’t just look at the “organic” labels either, (you pay for the word “bio” here). Just read the labels.

Step four

This step is strongly linked to the latter. Thought of trying the cruelty-free approach to animals? It’s not a strange idea that some of us object to animal skinning. A time must come that we should be able to say, to quote Kate Bosacka, “I know what I eat”. Sure, it’s hard to eradicate our culture habits, that make us associate fish or meat. Eating animals was likely part of our childhood. That’s why I’m not trying to urge you to become vegan or vegetarian – I myself am neither. But I’ve noticed that when I went green, I started cutting down on meat and cold meats; it’s a bit harder with fish though! 😉 But that’s what I call balance and a good beginning!

Step five

The most important one, I believe. To go green means to be in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Sustainable development is not just a mere pipe dream of a group of hippies. It’s something real and not just a trend, but – I’m sure – the future of the mankind will embrace it. The way to it starts with your five steps.

Let’s grow plants, love animals, care for ourselves, plant trees, spend weekends outdoors, respect nature, and be part of it, not an intruder. It’s so simple, and it’s unbelievable how well it works for your well-being. Let’s do it, together 🙂